An Open Letter to Trump Voters

I am writing to you as people – not as Trump supporters or enemies, but as people. As much as the media would have you believe us liberals are your sworn nemeses, we’re people with hearts – hearts that bleed for you too. I have a bit to say, and all of it comes from a place of love. I only ask that you unclench your fist and read this through to its end.

I’m worried that you’ve surrendered your minds to a mirage. You’ve supported President Trump since the beginning, all the while presuming that you were supporting a man who had America’s best interests at heart, who cared about the American people. Surely these past few weeks have given you pause. The man you revere as America’s knight in shining armor has only been out for himself. He’s never cared about you, only that you’re able to donate and vote for him. I know you like that he’s a Washington outsider, but that’s one of his most dangerous qualities. He’s grown up so privileged, so wealthy, so out of touch that he can’t possibly have the right frame of mind to lead this country. A business and a nation are very different, and leading either to success is a very different process. Business success is achieved by any means necessary – corners cut, shady deals made. But being a real leader of a nation is a people-based job, not share-based. Most of us don’t have stocks, so his claims about market prosperity fall on deaf ears. 

For those of you who support President Trump for religious reasons, I implore you to peal the scales from your eyes. Surely you must know on some level that President Trump is truly one of the most selfish and hedonistic men ever to hold office. He cares only for himself and his fortune. He courts religious organizations for their support, but he’s not religious in the least bit. Just like so much he says, it’s fluff to appease you. Don’t fall for it. He’s using you for your vote, but he couldn’t care less about God. He’s a fraud. 

I know you’re not stupid, many of you are highly educated. That’s why it blows my mind that you continue to support this man who clearly has no plan. He’s incapable of taking responsibility for any of his foibles. He passes the blame and accuses the entire system of being against him. He’s shaken confidence in mail-in voting on baseless claims of fraud. He’s a wealthy narcissist for whom consequences never mattered. He’s lived in his own bubble his whole life. That anyone could see what he’s doing as wrong is a total surprise to him. 

And so, I plead with you. Really consider the future of this country. Yes, I know you’re a republican through-and-through, but there’s more at stake than simple party majorities. President Trump is shaking the foundations of our democracy and taking us further into autocracy with every step. Please, reconsider your vote for this man. He doesn’t have your best interests in mind, only his own. I know asking you to do this could be a fruitless endeavor, but I’m asking for the sake of the country. Things have gone off the rails, and we need to forge a new normal. Politics can be boring again. This nightmare can be over. I know Vice President Biden isn’t your guy, but Trump isn’t anyone’s guy but his own. 

Please, put aside pride and blind allegiance. I know how smart you are, which is why I’ve been surprised that you stayed with this man. The country is at stake, please reconsider. 

Published by Christopher Goodlof

Writer, Visual Artist, Musician

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