Newark Joins the Whiskey Trade: All Points West Distillery

Originally Appeared in ChicpeaJC. Gil Spaier’s mind is a proverbial Pandora’s box of grain spirit knowledge. Open that box and you’re introduced to Spaier’s encyclopedic expertise – a seemingly endless torrent of historic knowledge and a lexicon of terms old and new. Spaier isn’t messing around, he knows his stuff. Spaier, 45, is the ownerContinue reading “Newark Joins the Whiskey Trade: All Points West Distillery”

American Bloodthirst:

UFC, MMA, and CTE Americans have a nearly unquenchable bloodthirst. We as a people are entertained by violence – be it football, hockey, or boxing, there is an undeniable draw towards such organized savagery. With that undeniable draw also comes undeniable consequences for the participants – irreparable brain damage chief among them. We’re only justContinue reading “American Bloodthirst:”

An Absence of Vinyl in Newark

Originally appeared in Newance Magazine. Records are making a comeback in a big way. The 2000’s have ushered in a new era of popularity for vinyl records – a booming vinyl resurgence in a most unlikely time: the digital age. 2019: an on-the-go time where everyone wants their content to be as mobile as theyContinue reading “An Absence of Vinyl in Newark”

Divorce Done Dirt Cheap

Originally appeared in Newance Magazine. Newark is home to many fine businesses, restaurants, bars, and museums, but only one business offers an authentic slice of the American way: cheap divorce.  You can’t miss it. Driving down Route-21, passing a proverbial rainbow of dry cleaners, liquor stores, and restaurants – and then the biggest sign ofContinue reading “Divorce Done Dirt Cheap”

Whiskey Flows in the Ironbound

Originally appeared in Newance Magazine. “There is no New York or New Jersey style whiskey,” said Gil Spaier. It was this notion and a deep historical knowledge that lead Spaier, 45, to found All Points West Distillery with one mission: reviving a classic method to create spirits unlike anything anyone had ever tasted. Two yearsContinue reading “Whiskey Flows in the Ironbound”

The Woman Who Fell to Earth

A Trans Story “I never went to high school, I just kind of appeared and have been functioning as an adult ever since,” said Taylor. “I definitely fell to earth.” Taylor is a 25-year-old trans woman living in Washington, D.C. For the purposes of this article, she preferred to go under the pseudonym “Taylor” forContinue reading “The Woman Who Fell to Earth”

For the Love of Bullies

You’re facing down a muscular, 100-pound dog with the jaw-strength of a small crocodile. The great beast approaches you, sizing you up as you do the same, albeit while trying to keep your cool. Finally, you and the dog are face to face, his round head and pointed ears within biting distance – he couldContinue reading “For the Love of Bullies”