Dying on the Steps of a Wildwood Motel: A Flirting Misadventure

Romance isn’t my strong suit. I’m a loving guy, and a total mush, but the wooing and flirting part isn’t something I’m particularly skilled at. Nor am I good at recognizing when I’m flirted with. In my early 20’s, I struggled meeting someone, anyone. I had no confidence, in no small part due to myContinue reading “Dying on the Steps of a Wildwood Motel: A Flirting Misadventure”

Things to Lose in the New World – Volume VI: Celebrity Obsession

America has a serious “none of your business” problem. Whether it be legislating a woman’s body or LGBTQ+ rights, America as a country is obsessed with things that really aren’t any of their business – private life, after all, is private. There’s a great deal more to say about that, and I will in theContinue reading “Things to Lose in the New World – Volume VI: Celebrity Obsession”

Media Pimps: Streaming Services

Streaming platforms are unavoidable. All entertainment, be it music or video, is relegated to various streaming services; each of them requires its own individual subscription. In other words, if you want to be able to keep up with the latest shows, you should probably have Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, andContinue reading “Media Pimps: Streaming Services”

Challenging Your Tastes

It’s easy to get comfortable with what you like. You watch the shows and movies that you’ve always enjoyed, you listen to the music you’ve always enjoyed – it makes sense. After all, you found what works. Why fix what isn’t broken? While your tastes aren’t broken per se, they have gotten stagnant, complacent even.Continue reading “Challenging Your Tastes”

A Fool’s Insurrection

Yesterday marked the official beginning of Donald Trump’s second impeachment. A 13-minute video was shown which compiled footage from January 6, 2021. The video showcased, among other things, just the level of anger and grim determination with which the mob stormed the capitol. The video also showed Donald Trump’s various speeches, tweets, and responses toContinue reading “A Fool’s Insurrection”

Things to Lose in the New World – Volume V: “Content”

At some point in the last decade or so, art ceased to be art and became content. It marked a new era for artists, one that centered around a constant internet presence and high output. Music, movies, and television were almost exclusively streamed, and the “content” was updated daily. It’s often the argument of executivesContinue reading “Things to Lose in the New World – Volume V: “Content””