New Music: “score for nowhere”

I hadn’t planned on making anything at all, least of all anything for consumption. But the pandemic dislodged something within me, like it’s done for so many – albeit, some people didn’t channel the internal rearrangement so constructively, let’s say. I digress. I took an open-ended break from writing for a number of months – notContinue reading “New Music: “score for nowhere””

Things to Lose in the New World: Superhero Movies

I consider myself to be a movie buff in some sense. I don’t necessarily know a ton about film history, or a bunch of art films, but I’m a collector of good movies. From a young age, I’d go to the mall with my mom and point out a movie I wanted back when thereContinue reading “Things to Lose in the New World: Superhero Movies”

Most Things Bother Me

The phrase “I contain multitudes” can apply to us all. We all hold entirely contradictory beliefs and ideas. There’s nothing wrong with that; I don’t know anyone, not one single person, whose entire personality from top to bottom is one cohesive unit with all parts working towards the same goal. No, we all tend toContinue reading “Most Things Bother Me”

Challenging Your Tastes

It’s easy to get comfortable with what you like. You watch the shows and movies that you’ve always enjoyed, you listen to the music you’ve always enjoyed – it makes sense. After all, you found what works. Why fix what isn’t broken? While your tastes aren’t broken per se, they have gotten stagnant, complacent even.Continue reading “Challenging Your Tastes”

Trusting the Process: Nadya Andrianova

We never spoke while we were students at Rutgers. I didn’t know who she was, she didn’t know who I was, but we knew of each other. She thought I was mysterious, intense, and serious – what a clever ruse I’ve got going – I thought she was in charge of the graphic design lab,Continue reading “Trusting the Process: Nadya Andrianova”