Digital Apostate - Afterword: A Plea

Fighting the tide is futile. I can flail, flap, and scream all I want, but social media isn’t going anywhere, and neither is the internet. The internet is an indelible resource, and social media, for all its ills, connects us with the world we cannot see. No, we’re keeping those things, we must – youContinue reading “Digital Apostate - Afterword: A Plea”

Digital Apostate — Part XII: Internet Muscles

What’s worse than the amount of self-interest that social media has wrought upon us is the response to it. Go to just about any video blog, makeup tutorial video, Instagram post, Tweet, etc., and you’ll likely find a comment so nasty that were you to hear it in public, you would audibly gasp and perhapsContinue reading “Digital Apostate — Part XII: Internet Muscles”

Digital Apostate — Part XI: Review Culture

Everyone loves their own opinions. Writers are quite possibility the worst offenders in that area. It was only a matter of time before the wild exchange of information occurring over the internet branched out into critique. We can’t help but judge things, thus making the phrase, “no judgement,” comically hollow. Whether or not you admitContinue reading “Digital Apostate — Part XI: Review Culture”

Digital Apostate — Part X: Sharing At, Not With

Social media’s bread and butter is connection – bridging the gap between people via sharing over whatever service they choose (or chooses them). Often, social media users are roped in to using the service lest they end up out of the loop. But that’s a subject for another time. No, sharing is what social mediaContinue reading “Digital Apostate — Part X: Sharing At, Not With”

Digital Apostate — Part IX: The Fart Chamber

Before you go skipping this part based on the above title alone, give it a second. It has less to do with foul flatulence and everything to do with believing one’s own hype. It should come as no surprise that social media has given the general impression to its users that people really need toContinue reading “Digital Apostate — Part IX: The Fart Chamber”

Digital Apostate — Part VIII: Twitter – A Zero Accountability Public Square

Twitter is by far one of the most widely accepted information channels. That statement by itself is innocuous, perhaps even positive, but also misleading. Were Twitter to be simply an information channel, users would be subscribers and not contributors in the way that those who subscribe to HBO only receive content but never submit theirContinue reading “Digital Apostate — Part VIII: Twitter – A Zero Accountability Public Square”

Digital Apostate — Part VII: Doomed to the Bubble

The internet, as a result of continuing innovation, is a neighborhood of bubbles – each bubble devoted to a viewpoint and totally isolated. This is to be expected, like-minded people are naturally going to gather. However, the problem isn’t that they are gathering, the problem is that they’re in an echo chamber.              The internet hasContinue reading “Digital Apostate — Part VII: Doomed to the Bubble”

Digital Apostate — Part VI: A Captive Audience

Facebook is, to borrow a term from the popular woke vernacular, problematic. It is a company that has been plagued by scandal and controversy on a global scale. Its problems aren’t a womanizing owner or workplace conditions. No, Facebook’s problems are because of precisely what Facebook is, what it’s become, and the power it wields.Continue reading “Digital Apostate — Part VI: A Captive Audience”

Digital Apostate — Part V: The New Public Square

It should go without saying that our society, human society, requires some form of public square if it is to function minimally. We need to gather in order to even begin to understand our world and most importantly how structure our society and move forward. Huge decisions regarding humanity as a whole cannot be madeContinue reading “Digital Apostate — Part V: The New Public Square”

Digital Apostate — Part IV: Children and the Internet

I don’t have kids. I like them, they like me; I’m a silly man-baby, so it’s an easy bond to forge. I’d like to have kids someday if perhaps my mind will cooperate enough. I was born in 1990 and I first used a computer somewhere within the range of five to nine-years-old, I’m notContinue reading “Digital Apostate — Part IV: Children and the Internet”