Digital Apostate — Part III: The Avatar-Reality Discrepancy

We have another layer of foundation to lay before we dive into the minutia of our internet age. If we’re to understand the effects of the internet and social media, we need to first understand how the platforms are utilized. I’m not going to explain social media to you as though I know more, soContinue reading “Digital Apostate — Part III: The Avatar-Reality Discrepancy”

Digital Apostate — Part II: Quantifiable Friendship

One of the mainstays of social media from its early beginnings – Friendster and Myspace through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – has been quantifiable figures by which the user can measure their “popularity.” These numbers – be they the number of friends, comments, or “likes” – are often the metric by which users determine theirContinue reading “Digital Apostate — Part II: Quantifiable Friendship”

Digital Apostate – Part I: Introduction – The Digital Vomitorium

Ridding oneself of social media isn’t an act of bravery the same way one becomes an apostate. True apostasy takes a measure of courage that I’m not even sure I have. Yes, I’m an atheist, but that took no courage; I just casually left the way one leaves a store when they don’t find whatContinue reading “Digital Apostate – Part I: Introduction – The Digital Vomitorium”