Things to Lose in the New World: Superhero Movies

I consider myself to be a movie buff in some sense. I don’t necessarily know a ton about film history, or a bunch of art films, but I’m a collector of good movies. From a young age, I’d go to the mall with my mom and point out a movie I wanted back when thereContinue reading “Things to Lose in the New World: Superhero Movies”

Rose-colored Glasses

If your pandemic is/was anything like mine, it’s been quite an introspective year. It’s as though all my past recollections needed in order to resurface was a clear schedule. An empty movie theater, that’s what the mind becomes in such isolation. The world outside is shut down for all intents and purposes, and we’ve beenContinue reading “Rose-colored Glasses”

A Meaningful Life vs. Collecting Experiences

The above title seems a contradiction. Many would argue that living is collecting experiences, but I don’t believe that to be true. While some may collect experiences, I don’t necessarily think that’s what life is about. Experiences are certainly a part of life, and they should enrich it, or at least teach a lesson. ButContinue reading “A Meaningful Life vs. Collecting Experiences”

Most Things Bother Me

The phrase “I contain multitudes” can apply to us all. We all hold entirely contradictory beliefs and ideas. There’s nothing wrong with that; I don’t know anyone, not one single person, whose entire personality from top to bottom is one cohesive unit with all parts working towards the same goal. No, we all tend toContinue reading “Most Things Bother Me”

Resisting Political Correctness is Childish

Language is constantly evolving, as well it should. There is no good reason to keep a word or term around once it becomes antiquated, stale, or inapplicable. Keeping a term around once it has outgrown its use is akin to keeping around an old mattress – yes, it still functions as it is, but it’sContinue reading “Resisting Political Correctness is Childish”

Shutting Up: Learning to Listen and Love Silence

You learn a lot as you age. Priorities shift, things change, and you become better at a being a person. Your focus shifts from being popular and having tons of friends to taking care of yourself and building some sort of life. Things change in that you may see people less, or you may chooseContinue reading “Shutting Up: Learning to Listen and Love Silence”