Through the Darkness, Together

I wrote a piece a lifetime ago back in July about the pandemic titled “Through the Pandemic, Leaderless.” It was a grim acknowledgement that we were hopelessly adrift and utterly devoid of a competent leader who has America’s best interests in mind. We didn’t have that leader, instead we were saddled with the most self-involvedContinue reading “Through the Darkness, Together”

Cheeseburgers and Neck Creatures: An Election Day Fantasy

DISCLAIMER: This piece is an entirely fictionalized account of the day after the presidential election on November 3, 2020. I was going to write something about my election day concerns, but we’re all drowning in those up to our earlobes, so instead I wanted to have some fun with the looming election. What follows is a humorousContinue reading “Cheeseburgers and Neck Creatures: An Election Day Fantasy”

Hyperbole: The Official Language of the 21st Century

Let’s get one thing out of the way. The title of this piece is already hyperbole, it’s like a hyperbole centipede. I know this. But what I’ve noticed for quite some time now is that when we speak, we so often don’t mean the words we say. I’m not talking about being disingenuous or lying,Continue reading “Hyperbole: The Official Language of the 21st Century”

“Yes People”

It’s high time we take down fans of the 1970’s progressive rock band, Yes. I kid, although Yes-fans have a lot to answer for. No, “yes people” are the people who “yes” you along, and continue to affirm what you already do and believe. Having friends who support you is one thing, but having people who never giveContinue reading ““Yes People””