New Music: “score for nowhere”

I hadn’t planned on making anything at all, least of all anything for consumption. But the pandemic dislodged something within me, like it’s done for so many – albeit, some people didn’t channel the internal rearrangement so constructively, let’s say. I digress. I took an open-ended break from writing for a number of months – notContinue reading “New Music: “score for nowhere””

Nothing Profound

“This is perfect,” I thought to myself, “I’m in a beautiful house surrounded by gorgeous nature, clearly this is an occasion to begin writing a masterpiece – a profound, career-defining work born of an isolated, personal connection with the natural world.” How could I not think that way? So many incredible works are written inContinue reading “Nothing Profound”

I’ve Never Been in a Fight

It’s probably not surprising to know that I’ve never been in a fight. Verbal fights, yes, most certainly, though they’re to be avoided at all costs. But physical fights, I’ve managed to steer clear of those for 30-years now. I’m proud of that. And while I’m sure, to some, this signifies a weakness of characterContinue reading “I’ve Never Been in a Fight”

If You Didn’t Learn This Year, You Never Will

Over the course of one rather abusive year, we all grew accustomed to isolation, and with it, introspection. Most of us did, anyway. There was almost no way around it. In those early months of isolation, I imagine that the terror still had its teeth in most of us. Rightfully so, it was new, thereContinue reading “If You Didn’t Learn This Year, You Never Will”

Rose-colored Glasses

If your pandemic is/was anything like mine, it’s been quite an introspective year. It’s as though all my past recollections needed in order to resurface was a clear schedule. An empty movie theater, that’s what the mind becomes in such isolation. The world outside is shut down for all intents and purposes, and we’ve beenContinue reading “Rose-colored Glasses”

Shutting Up: Learning to Listen and Love Silence

You learn a lot as you age. Priorities shift, things change, and you become better at a being a person. Your focus shifts from being popular and having tons of friends to taking care of yourself and building some sort of life. Things change in that you may see people less, or you may chooseContinue reading “Shutting Up: Learning to Listen and Love Silence”

Dying on the Steps of a Wildwood Motel: A Flirting Misadventure

Romance isn’t my strong suit. I’m a loving guy, and a total mush, but the wooing and flirting part isn’t something I’m particularly skilled at. Nor am I good at recognizing when I’m flirted with. In my early 20’s, I struggled meeting someone, anyone. I had no confidence, in no small part due to myContinue reading “Dying on the Steps of a Wildwood Motel: A Flirting Misadventure”