The Curse of Early Success/The Blessing of Early Failure

After I turned 30, my thoughts turned to the grave. I’ve been reflecting upon what I’ve done and not done. I’ve focused quite a bit of thought into past failures as I see them, but viewing them as fortunate occurrences. I’ll explain. When I look back on the things that didn’t work out, and really considerContinue reading “The Curse of Early Success/The Blessing of Early Failure”

A Flower Grows in the Garden of Rubble

It’s easy to forget that your real life happened when you think about the four years of Donald Trump’s presidential term. The political overshadowed the personal, quiet introspection turned to outward outrage, for both supporters of Trump and his opposition. But real life did go on for all of us. Before we go a wordContinue reading “A Flower Grows in the Garden of Rubble”

I Had a Secret Twitter Account, It Was a Shit Show

I’ve made my social media aversion abundantly clear at length, shouting into the void, publishing thousands of words on the subject that fell on deaf ears. That’s fine. But, as the title suggests, I had a secret Twitter account which I just shut down once I did what I set out to do.  I’ll explain:Continue reading “I Had a Secret Twitter Account, It Was a Shit Show”

Casualties of Storytelling

Without naming names, my writing here has made me something of a pariah in certain circles. I don’t like this, conflict isn’t necessarily something I relish. I’ve got to work through some thoughts, stay with me. I’m torn in several directions, a rope tied to each ankle and wrist, pulling me everywhere and nowhere. PartContinue reading “Casualties of Storytelling”

Graduating in the Dark

In May/June 2020, the entire class of 2020 nationwide, and worldwide, graduated to little fanfare. The COVID-19 pandemic forced all graduation ceremonies to be held remotely, with students and their families watching an online video presentation. It was necessary, but also quite possibly the most lackluster commencement in recent history. I graduated this May. IContinue reading “Graduating in the Dark”