“Yeah Right!”: A Toupee Adventure

I started to lose my hair in high school, probably around junior year or so. I was already the weird kid obsessed with classic rock that nobody wanted in their band, so the addition of thinning hair only complemented the general alienation; why not throw wispy hair on the already substantial pile of quirks? It’sContinue reading ““Yeah Right!”: A Toupee Adventure”

Be Weird: Finding Individuality

I don’t have a religion, I’m a cynic, I’m very critical of everything, I over-analyze, I have an extremely dark and broad sense of humor, and I reject most everything I encounter – can there be a common thread? Yes. I’m weird, and damn proud of it. It’s been a rather gradual process of goingContinue reading “Be Weird: Finding Individuality”

Why I Quit Music – Part II

I never feared being kicked out of the band, but I did have a crushing feeling of letting everyone down with every note I played. Even improvising and taking some sort of sonic journey together became weighed down by my feeling that I was playing poorly and falling apart, all while trying to be creative,Continue reading “Why I Quit Music – Part II”

Manual Labor and Tony LittleDog

I am no stranger to manual labor, though my mind and body prefer me to avoid it at all costs. I don’t look like someone for whom manual labor is a constant, that’s something I’m proud of. But property needs maintenance, and no one is going anywhere, so we must maintain it ourselves. My folksContinue reading “Manual Labor and Tony LittleDog”

Oscar is Dying: Grim Prescience, Edibles, and D&D

Our thoughts wander in solitude and I’m reminded of my dog’s recent passing. I had a remarkable English Bull Terrier named Oscar who lived loudly until cancer took him abruptly on November 17, 2019 at the age of only nine. This hit me very hard, as the dog and I were very close. I spentContinue reading “Oscar is Dying: Grim Prescience, Edibles, and D&D”

Quarantine and Lexapro

I’ve seen people out in droves, hoarding all they can from grocery stores – their eyes nervously darting, hoping the customer next to them isn’t a carrier.             I’ve seen empty city streets, empty parking lots, and empty businesses – the modern day, self-imposed ghost town.             I’ve seen neighbors staring out their windows, locking eyes withContinue reading “Quarantine and Lexapro”