Too Dumb to Live: America’s COVID Response

Americans have been wading through the pandemic, all the while kicking and screaming against what they see as a breach of their freedoms. This would be laughable if it wasn’t causing so much avoidable suffering. Our embarrassing and uniquely American disposition betrays a level of privilege heretofore unseen. It’s as though in braving the sameContinue reading “Too Dumb to Live: America’s COVID Response”

Through the Pandemic, Leaderless

Unless you’re quite literally 100-years-old, this is your first pandemic. Everyone remembers their first time. As the wave began to break over the United States, the reality became stark and clear. We weren’t going to be safe, nor would anyone. But, it all happened gradually, and so we as a nation experienced the tentative dipContinue reading “Through the Pandemic, Leaderless”

The Indoctrination Marathon: The Flaws in American Higher Education

What separates a society from a pack of wild beasts is a fragile curtain with frayed ends, unraveling with the slightest tug or wisp of wind. One of the many microscopic threads in that curtain is schooling. Education is great, of that there is no doubt. Every person on this crumbling Earth is entitled toContinue reading “The Indoctrination Marathon: The Flaws in American Higher Education”

It’s OK to Dislike Things: The “You Don’t Get It” Fallacy

I’m a tough sell on most things. My friends and family know that the likelihood of my enjoying a song, band, artist, movie, or show is very slim. This isn’t to say that I’m one of those people who hates everything, I just have discerning tastes and standards – this I consider to be aContinue reading “It’s OK to Dislike Things: The “You Don’t Get It” Fallacy”

Be Weird: Finding Individuality

I don’t have a religion, I’m a cynic, I’m very critical of everything, I over-analyze, I have an extremely dark and broad sense of humor, and I reject most everything I encounter – can there be a common thread? Yes. I’m weird, and damn proud of it. It’s been a rather gradual process of goingContinue reading “Be Weird: Finding Individuality”

Trump Pushes Fear of the “Other”

The president of the United States has weaponized his rhetoric and driven fear of the “other” into the hearts of Americans. Who is this “other” that both Trump’s base and the “alt-right” fear? It isn’t just one group, it’s an age-old trick often employed by fascist leaders. In the case of America and President Trump,Continue reading “Trump Pushes Fear of the “Other””

Digital Breakdown: How Social Media Affects Mental Health

I’m not that old, I’m only 29. My generation is the last to transition from a world without social media to a world with it. Before you skip ahead a few pages to avoid some cranky diatribe about how social media is bad, give this a chance. I do not think that social media isContinue reading “Digital Breakdown: How Social Media Affects Mental Health”

Quarantine and Lexapro

I’ve seen people out in droves, hoarding all they can from grocery stores – their eyes nervously darting, hoping the customer next to them isn’t a carrier.             I’ve seen empty city streets, empty parking lots, and empty businesses – the modern day, self-imposed ghost town.             I’ve seen neighbors staring out their windows, locking eyes withContinue reading “Quarantine and Lexapro”

American Bloodthirst:

UFC, MMA, and CTE Americans have a nearly unquenchable bloodthirst. We as a people are entertained by violence – be it football, hockey, or boxing, there is an undeniable draw towards such organized savagery. With that undeniable draw also comes undeniable consequences for the participants – irreparable brain damage chief among them. We’re only justContinue reading “American Bloodthirst:”