Land of the “Free,” Home of the “Brave”

It’s in our national anthem, it’s chiseled in stone, it’s known around the world – it’s our motto, our claim to fame as a country, I suppose. Perhaps at one time it was applicable, when it needed to be, but in the years since the American Revolution, that creed, that promise, has become a burden.Continue reading “Land of the “Free,” Home of the “Brave””

Thoughts on George Floyd and the Derek Chauvin Trial

I was driving on the highway as the verdict was about to come in. I was nervous that I would miss it, but then I remembered that AM radio exists. I tuned into NPR at the perfect time, the judge was just entering the courtroom. I listened nervously and attentively as I navigated the early-eveningContinue reading “Thoughts on George Floyd and the Derek Chauvin Trial”

The World Changed Beneath You

I write this for the stragglers, those stubborn hangers-on fighting the changing tide. You may have had your time at the top, where everything you did was celebrated, but times have changed; and sadly, you did not change with them.             I write this for those who never think they’re wrong, who blame everything on theContinue reading “The World Changed Beneath You”

Resisting Political Correctness is Childish

Language is constantly evolving, as well it should. There is no good reason to keep a word or term around once it becomes antiquated, stale, or inapplicable. Keeping a term around once it has outgrown its use is akin to keeping around an old mattress – yes, it still functions as it is, but it’sContinue reading “Resisting Political Correctness is Childish”

Things to Lose in the New World – Volume VII: Royalty

Quite possibly one of the most antiquated social constructs still remaining in developed nations has to be the concept of royalty. I believe I’ve discussed royalty a bit at some point in my writing but not at length, so I wanted to examine it again in light of the recent interview with Meghan Markle andContinue reading “Things to Lose in the New World – Volume VII: Royalty”

A Fool’s Insurrection

Yesterday marked the official beginning of Donald Trump’s second impeachment. A 13-minute video was shown which compiled footage from January 6, 2021. The video showcased, among other things, just the level of anger and grim determination with which the mob stormed the capitol. The video also showed Donald Trump’s various speeches, tweets, and responses toContinue reading “A Fool’s Insurrection”

Everyone Deserves a Voice, but Not an Audience

With a title like that, I should certainly get some clarifications out of the way. First, I’m absolutely for the freedom of speech, but as you’ll see if you read on, social media has changed the scope and parameters of that freedom – so, un-bunch your undergarments.  Secondly, I’m well aware that I myself might notContinue reading “Everyone Deserves a Voice, but Not an Audience”