It’s Over: Celebrate, but Don’t Gloat

For more than half of the country, the last four years have been stressful to say the least. I’m not what one would consider a patriot, but the last four years made me embarrassed to be an American, even more so than before. But, as I write this, Donald Trump has vacated the White House,Continue reading “It’s Over: Celebrate, but Don’t Gloat”

Twitter Bans Don’t Violate the Freedom of Speech

With a renewed focus on the freedom of speech in the wake of the capitol insurrection and Donald Trump’s subsequent permanent ban from Twitter, I felt it important to get some thoughts out on the subject. It’s a complicated topic, and one that the Right often uses as a defense for terrible behavior. By thisContinue reading “Twitter Bans Don’t Violate the Freedom of Speech”

Thoughts on the Insurrection

This will be different from my other pieces, I need to get some thoughts down as they arrive. I’ll only edit this piece insofar as I’ll correct errors, but it’ll be an honest stream of consciousness. After the events of January 6, 2021, the air in America changed. We’re all lost in thought, and itContinue reading “Thoughts on the Insurrection”

Things to Lose in the New World – Volume II: Pointless Partisanship

Among other things, political partisanship has marred the past decade and then some. This hasn’t been simple “higher taxes versus lower taxes,” though that did factor in. No, instead the partisanship extended well beyond each party’s tenets and into plain obstructionism. It’s been disconcerting to watch as an American citizen over the last 10 years.Continue reading “Things to Lose in the New World – Volume II: Pointless Partisanship”

We Needed This Year

Settle down, give me a second to explain. We didn’t need the death and turmoil, that was indubitably tragic. There, happy? So many died, and so much of it avoidable with proper precautions and national guidelines, not to mention people actually taking care of themselves and believing the pandemic to be real. Barring that, weContinue reading “We Needed This Year”

Through the Darkness, Together

I wrote a piece a lifetime ago back in July about the pandemic titled “Through the Pandemic, Leaderless.” It was a grim acknowledgement that we were hopelessly adrift and utterly devoid of a competent leader who has America’s best interests in mind. We didn’t have that leader, instead we were saddled with the most self-involvedContinue reading “Through the Darkness, Together”

You’re Free, But Stay In

This year has been a radical call to arms regardless of what side you fall on. If you’re on the President’s side, you’ve likely spent the last several months railing against the public health precautions and restrictions put in place to control the spread. And now, you’re likely upset about the election results, aiming toContinue reading “You’re Free, But Stay In”

Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Conspiracy Theorists and the 2020 Election

Conspiracy theorists have a seat at the table, and have for the last four years. These people are not grounded in facts, but in the total opposite: conjecture. They’ve structured their thought process such that any and all outcomes fit into their narrative. The 2016 election was certainly lousy with wild, unsubstantiated accusations against HilaryContinue reading “Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Conspiracy Theorists and the 2020 Election”

Cheeseburgers and Neck Creatures: An Election Day Fantasy

DISCLAIMER: This piece is an entirely fictionalized account of the day after the presidential election on November 3, 2020. I was going to write something about my election day concerns, but we’re all drowning in those up to our earlobes, so instead I wanted to have some fun with the looming election. What follows is a humorousContinue reading “Cheeseburgers and Neck Creatures: An Election Day Fantasy”