A Plea to Undecided Voters

For those of us who haven’t already cast our ballot, crawled inside a bottle and now sit nervously awaiting the election results in the weeks to follow, there are folks who have somehow still managed to remain undecided. This is for them. For those of you who already voted, congratulations. You may go fix yourselfContinue reading “A Plea to Undecided Voters”

Complicated Feelings About President Trump’s COVID Diagnosis

President Trump testing positive for COVID-19 was a bit of a shock for everyone, albeit a shock that we saw coming. I wanted to get some thoughts down on the subject because I have some complicated feelings on the whole situation, thoughts that I’m sure many of us are having. I’ve been grappling with myContinue reading “Complicated Feelings About President Trump’s COVID Diagnosis”

Truth Outside the Bubble

Perhaps the most troubling product of our collective social media addiction has been the erosion of truth as a concept. There were always skeptics, I’m one of them (within reason), but never before have we seen millions of people believing in a separate reality. Never before have we seen the word “truth” bent to meanContinue reading “Truth Outside the Bubble”

The Extraordinary from the Negligible: Conspiracy Theorists

The internet is a breeding ground for all manner of vile conspiracy theories and misinformation. This isn’t news, but in recent years, conspiracy theory culture has gained quite a bit of steam. Far beyond the days of conspiracy theories surviving in isolated communities, these theories are now acted upon as though entirely true, as thoughContinue reading “The Extraordinary from the Negligible: Conspiracy Theorists”

Too Dumb to Live: America’s COVID Response

Americans have been wading through the pandemic, all the while kicking and screaming against what they see as a breach of their freedoms. This would be laughable if it wasn’t causing so much avoidable suffering. Our embarrassing and uniquely American disposition betrays a level of privilege heretofore unseen. It’s as though in braving the sameContinue reading “Too Dumb to Live: America’s COVID Response”

Through the Pandemic, Leaderless

Unless you’re quite literally 100-years-old, this is your first pandemic. Everyone remembers their first time. As the wave began to break over the United States, the reality became stark and clear. We weren’t going to be safe, nor would anyone. But, it all happened gradually, and so we as a nation experienced the tentative dipContinue reading “Through the Pandemic, Leaderless”