The Indoctrination Marathon: The Flaws in American Higher Education

What separates a society from a pack of wild beasts is a fragile curtain with frayed ends, unraveling with the slightest tug or wisp of wind. One of the many microscopic threads in that curtain is schooling. Education is great, of that there is no doubt. Every person on this crumbling Earth is entitled toContinue reading “The Indoctrination Marathon: The Flaws in American Higher Education”

Trump Pushes Fear of the “Other”

The president of the United States has weaponized his rhetoric and driven fear of the “other” into the hearts of Americans. Who is this “other” that both Trump’s base and the “alt-right” fear? It isn’t just one group, it’s an age-old trick often employed by fascist leaders. In the case of America and President Trump,Continue reading “Trump Pushes Fear of the “Other””

Armed to the Teeth: The Police and the 1033 Program

The idea of a heavily armed police force with few (if any) power limitations is a truly terrifying scenario, and one that we’re already in. The ACLU’s 2014 report on police militarization in America titled “War Comes Home” lays out some truly startling facts regarding the police and their use of military tactics and equipment.Continue reading “Armed to the Teeth: The Police and the 1033 Program”