Things to Lose in the New World – Volume VII: Royalty

Quite possibly one of the most antiquated social constructs still remaining in developed nations has to be the concept of royalty. I believe I’ve discussed royalty a bit at some point in my writing but not at length, so I wanted to examine it again in light of the recent interview with Meghan Markle and her husband Harry. I normally don’t care one bit about the royals the way some Americans have a strange fascination with them. I can’t be bothered, and in fact, I vehemently oppose the existence of a royal family. But, Markle’s words and heartbreaking admissions struck me, especially in so far as they only confirm what I’ve thought all along.

            Royalty as a concept is already antiquated, but what’s more surprising is that it somehow gets a pass in the “woke” age. It seems the “woke” were sleeping on this one. The very existence of a royal family in a developed nation like England is antithetical to so much of the current philosophy. I don’t necessarily consider myself among the “woke,” but I’m not opposed to their views at all. Generally, I’m right on board, but my sensitivity level is rock bottom whereas the typical “woke” person is always on high alert for indiscretions. I digress, the point is that in a time where social justice is paramount and accountability is key, the royals have slipped by unnoticed.

            The very idea of noble birth is the biggest problem. That a person, by virtue of two rich people copulating, is to be lauded respect and a title, is absolutely incompatible with modern society. It goes against all calls for equal rights and respect. It’s too much to ask of people to both peel the scales from their eyes to notice the institutional racism in their world, but simultaneously revere a group of wealthy old white people as modern-day royalty. 

            I was both surprised and unsurprised to hear that the royals were concerned with the skin color of Markle’s baby. Is anyone surprised that a centuries old institution built upon revering a wealthy white family of noble birth is a bit behind on race relations and equality? Of course they would be concerned with a royal baby’s skin tone, they’re backwards and outdated. We can’t be expected to continue treating the royal family as better or more important than anyone else. Their existence is an anachronism of a bygone feudal age. 

            And evidently, the secretive nature of the royal family is worse than we even knew. Markle, who developed suicidal ideations because of her hideous treatment in the press, was not allowed to get outside help – the royal family infrastructure wouldn’t allow it. Not only that, but their transparent racism was on full display when they refused to accord Markle’s newborn baby a title, and therefore a security detail was off the table. 

            I don’t know why anyone still cares about these people. Royalty as concept is so antiquated and flawed, let alone the British royal family itself. The act of revering someone just for being born into a wealthy family has no place in a world trying to better itself. And that’s why in the new world, we need to lose royalty.

Published by Christopher Goodlof

Writer, Visual Artist, Musician

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